Thursday, 10 June 2010


Some more jewelery making:The feather one was inspired by the current tribal,feather,festival-y trends that are currently around which i am loving! The first one can be adjusted to length of choice as it threaded on ribbon.

Work from second year

So it's been a busy and at times stressful year but i have really enjoyed it and produced some interesting work. Nver thought i would get into stitch and textiles.

so , here are the final peices for various projects form the second term of the second year. enjoy =]

Toddler's book based on the poem "Flanne Isle"

Graphic novel based on "Flannen Isle".

Picture book based on "Flanne Isle".

Book cover for "How to get ideas".

Barclays insurance booklet covers.

Polish inspired movie poster.

"If you could see secrets"

"19 babies and 1 teddy"
This project was designed to give us a chance to produce a piece of work for out porfolio.we were each given a 19 and 1 of somthing to illustrate. we were free to do it in wahteve media we wanted.
The top image is the digital version and the bottom is the actual final peice.