Saturday, 15 January 2011


I have finally finished all my work for assesment! That means my Cowboys Heinz advertisment poster, My book cover and Pears soap projects are done and I can now show them to you in all their full glory!

top to bottom:
-PEARS soap packaging finished design net. The idea is that it would be given out at the Glastonbury music festival (be awesome if it actually was).
-Heinz advertisement
-Book cover based on the poem "Dolor" by Thodore Roesthke. I decided to make up my own title and author.
-PEARS soap packaging all put together

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Finished Crocky!

So now is the time of the big rush to get everything finished, edited and sorted before my first assessment. Tis pretty stressful,especially since this is my final year of uni! I can't believe it, the first term has gone so fast!

Anyhow, my Crocky Wock project,both pages are now complete!
The image its self has changed a fair bit and I now think it works much better.

This page has to be black and white as it was part of the brief.