Monday, 11 February 2013

"It's not always easy, Being Human"

So I've been re-watching the amazing-ness that is Being Human again and decided to do some fan art.
Series 1 and 2 are my favourites so I wanted to used imagery/designs from that time. I particularly like the house, with it's bright colours, weird wall papers, wooden floors and  mismatched furniture, so I have set each character in a different part of it.
Annie is in the kitchen because (as any fans of the show know) she like to make tea, lots of it. Mitchell seems to sit in the red chair a lot when he's brooding/thinking and George I put on the green couch as it has that cool patterned wall paper behind it. I have also placed some character references in there too.

It's  rather weird timing that I decided to watch this show again, as just the other day I found out that this current series, series 5 is going to be the last series of the show! Which makes me sad but at the same time I'd rather it go out in style rather than get dragged out.

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