Sunday, 19 January 2014

Creative Work Experience

Been thinking a lot about getting some sort of creative, illustration/design based work experience lately. It's something I've wanted to do for a while but kept procrastinating about, mainly out of self doubt and fear.
It's also something I could really do with if I ever want to work in a creative field or as a freelancer. I haven't decided yet, all I know is I have 0 commercial experience.

So this week I have been re-designing my CV this week, and writing some cover letters for some local creative companies to inquire about it. It's a small step but it's a start!
If anyone has any helpful tips or advice about this subject I would love to hear it, so please feel free to tweet or message me!

Also here some recent sketch book doodles:

                                           while flipping through the latest copy of Glamour Mag

                                                    Drew this after seeing "Frozen". Good film, I recommend seeing it,                                                               especially if you're a Disney fan like me!

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